Monday, April 13, 2009

"Is that your realtor calling?"

So after a super fun day at Courtney's house, we came back to Mom's house and she had finished up her last piano lesson for the night. We enjoyed dinner together, had baths, and got Callie into bed. The rest of us were up playing Disney Uno together since the boys had sort of late naps over at Courtney's. It was about 9 pm, and my cell phone rang...but it was my old cell phone (the VA one). I had picked up my new SC one from David that weekend, and so most of my calls from him or my sisters were coming in on the new phone.

So the phone rang, and I knew from the ringtone that it was my old phone. Since it was late and I knew David or my sisters would have called the other phone, I just let it ring. Then my mom said "Which phone would your realtor call?" HELLO!!! No one else had my new number yet, of course our realtor would call the VA phone! so I went running to grab the phone, and sure enough - 1 missed call...from the realtor!!! I called her right back and she told me the WONDERFUL news we've been waiting to hear for 3 months...we got an offer!!!

After I got off the phone with her, I called David's cell, but had to leave a message. He texted me back saying he was watching "Heroes" and would call me at commercial! I about died! Hilarious! Poor guy - we're so spoiled with our DVR and watching TV at our convenience...he is REALLY missing it down there since he's in this temporary housing situation. It's really roughing it!! I called him back and, lucky for him, he answered like "What's all the fuss about?" He of course, was thrilled to hear that I was interrupting his show with news about an offer. I just thought it was hilarious.

Anyways, we heard the next morning that they accepted our counteroffer and that things were proceeding! We have a home inspection scheduled for Monday (Apr. 20), and if all proceeds as it should, we will close on May 27!! I'm so thankful. We will stay the next week so that Josiah will finish his last week of school and have Kindergarten graduation (which David will come back for), and then we'll head down to join David in SC. God is never late, is He? :)

So David is back in touch with the realtor and is keeping that ball rolling as far as finding our house down there. We had looked at several houses when we visited in March for the vote-in, so we'll see how it ends up. I have to go back down the weekend of April 30 for my first OB doctor's appointment, so HOPEFULLY, we'll be able to finalize our house stuff then and get a contract in place to close on our house down there around the end of May/first of June.

It made for the perfect news to get on vacation. I was so much more relaxed!!! David's still gone of course, I'm still on my own, but at least I have some concrete things to work on. Getting movers lined up. Packing a house (hello!) in 5 weeks. So it's going to be crazy busy, but I'll take it!!! At least I don't have to have beds made and floors mopped at all times anymore!! :)


Judy said...

Oh Katy!!! I am so thrilled! God is so good and His timing is just perfect! I hope you've got some sweet friends to help you pack. It's such a chore. I wish I lived closer :(

Heather J said...


The Stein Family said...

Congrats! I know trhat's a huge relief.

anthonyandbeth said...

so glad you can let up on the cleaning! loved reading this and imagining the excitement that must have been going on between you, David, your mom. what a fun moment! :) God has been SO GOOD!!!