Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You've NEVER been before???

 A quieter morning to start off...apparently they needed some cheez-its to get going this morning...
 I had an OB appointment this morning and so I took the opportunity to just take Callie with me.  This was for two reasons.  1. To get some time alone with Callie and I knew she'd enjoy hearing the heartbeat, etc.  2. To allow the little boys to play by themselves without Callie bossing them around!  :)  Sure enough, Kelli said she pretty much sat on the couch while Joseph and Caleb played happily for two hours!  :)
 It was sort of overcast and we knew we weren't going to be able to hit the pool, but we decided to try and get to the strawberry fields and get a few more buckets of strawberries.  It was Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to make strawberry bread and strawberry jam for all of the kids teachers.  When Kelli said that they had NEVER been strawberry picking, I knew we HAD to go...and fast!!  :)
 Joe picked a few....and then turned into real management material.  He would much prefer to stand there with his bucket, have other people hand HIM the strawberries they would pick, and THEN he'd put it in his bucket.  It was hilarious.
 Kelli was in shock as to how many berries there were and how gorgeous they all were!  I know the feeling!!

 I'm not sure that any of Caleb's actually made it into the bucket...he ate a LOT!

 Both Kelli and I managed to fill up two baskets and we stopped by Publix on the way home to get more pectin and jars for Kelli to make a batch of strawberry jam to take home too!!
 A little fun with some manipulatives :)  
Kelli's a teacher - we can't help ourselves!
 Jacob learned how to play Sudoku - and REALLY liked Kelli's Nook!
Go Fish anyone?

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