Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Surprise Visitors!

Over the weekend, I was talking to my sister Kelli on the phone.  She was lamenting the fact that her husband, Scott, was going to out of town all week - going to Chicago for a business trip.  I said "Kell!  You and Joseph should come stay with us for the week!"  She said, "You know what?  We should!"  A day later, she had everything ready to go and said they would be here Monday night!  I decided not to tell my kids they were coming - surprises are so fun!!!  So they got in Monday night after my kids were in bed and I couldn't wait until Tuesday morning!  :)
 So here are the boys on Tuesday morning.  I was up a little earlier than normal making a real breakfast.  The boys came down and sat right under my feet in the kitchen.  :)  Josiah had heard the guest shower running and voices (Joe is a bit of a loud talker :) ) and asked who was in there.  I told him he couldn't go in - that "they" were taking a shower.  He assumed I meant Caleb and Callie.  Then Jacob came downstairs and started to go in there to go potty.  I stopped him and told him he had to go upstairs.  He was confused...asked why Caleb and Callie were taking a shower in there.  Jacob wasn't totally buying it, and found Joseph's crocs by the front door.  He asked who they belonged to and I sort of ignored the question.   All the while - trying so hard not to bust out laughing :)
 Finally, Joseph came out (he's in the robot shirt) and Josiah and Jacob's heads whipped around and looked at me like "WHAT?!?!" I love surprises!  :)  Jacob said "I knew it!!!" Josiah said "So THAT'S why Joseph's lunchbox is on the counter!" (Josiah had seen it but is apparently very trusting...I think when he asked me about it, I had said "I don't know why it's here" and he was okay with that!  :)  )

 Callie was SO excited when she came down and saw Joseph!!!
 FINALLY, right before I  left to take the big boys to school, Caleb woke up and saw his best friend/cousin Joseph was here!!!

 Joseph loves to look at pictures of our family vacations and trips (Kelli is an expert book maker!) and so Callie wasted no time at all showing him all of our blog books!

 The boys were happy to play race cars in Caleb's room -they just picked up right where they left off!

 Playing a quick game of Rummikub :)
 And off we headed...to the zoo of course!!!
 The trains were a big hit - Joseph just celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Thomas the Train party, so we knew this would be a favorite!!!
 Much to our surprise, Joseph just followed Caleb and Callie in line to ride the ponies!!  He tends to be a bit more cautious - your typical first born...much like Josiah was....but is so social and outgoing that he's happy just to follow his friends...and so got right on the horse!!!!
 Caleb returning from his ride...
 ...and there goes Joseph!  Kelli was shocked!

 Could barely see over the helmet, but I see a happy face!
 Having a quick snack...

 Listening to the howler monkeys - always hilarious.
 Making their best tiger faces while sitting on Happy the Tiger
 He was a pro at feeding the lorikeets - didn't even bat an eye!!

 Everyone always loves the carousel!
 Kell and I enjoyed a few minutes to sit on the bench while they rode the carousel :)

 Callie LOVED having Joseph to lead around...and he was totally happy to follow her around!
 Seeing the fish in the Aquarium
 Cooling off with some ice packs while waiting for the tram to take us back to the parking lot.

 The boys got home from school and played some UNO with Kelli
 Belly picture courtesy of Callie...sigh....
Kelli - 22 weeks
Katy - 26 weeks

When the boys got home from karate and showered, we had a feast complete with artichokes for dinner!!!  Even Joseph got his own!  :)