Thursday, May 10, 2012

See you soon, Kelli and Joseph!!

 We enjoyed some monkeybread for breakfast - Joe knows just how to eat it!  :)
 While Kelli finished packing up the car, Joseph helped  David mow the lawn...
 We are REALLY going to miss you Joseph!
 He's just so squeezable!!

 Callie and Kelli - I tell Kelli all the time how GLAD I am that Kelli turned out so well....because Callie is JUST like her!!!  :)

 Nice background, right?  
Most of our visit, it was just us and we didn't get many great pictures of us (which was one thing demanded by everyone - get a good belly picture of both of you together!!!).  David was at work or at choir practice, or it was so late at night that we forbade any one from taking our picture.  So this was our last shot...before saying goodbye!
 Story of my life - some kid wanting to run in and attach themselves to my leg...
 Finally got it!  2 pregnant sisters - again!
Bye Joseph!!  We are SO glad you could come and see us for a few days!  Now we can look forward to our July vacation!!!!

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