Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A quieter Tuesday

It was definitely quieter on Tuesday!  After taking the boys to school, I sat in the chair for a little bit and watched Callie and Caleb attempt Wii boxing...Hilarious.  I don't even think they were holding the right controllers.  It's always a little sad after company leaves - the noisy house is strangely quiet!!

After catching my breath, I decided at the last minute to throw the kids in the car and attempt to do one more strawberry picking.  I had wanted so badly to pick some more before the holiday weekend but just did not have time to get out there.  I ended up buying some from the store and not only were they overpriced, they just were not very good!  I've gotten very spoiled...So the kids and I went off to see our favorite farmer!

 We picked another 3 baskets full and I left happy :)
When I came up to bed that night, this is who I found in my spot...again!  What's with this boy?? :) I think he's going to like sleeping in the boys' room!

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