Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Williams' Came to Visit!!!!

Hooray - the Williams family came to see us!!!  Between all of our crazy schedules, it had been WAY too long since we'd had a visit with the Williams family!  We saw Beth and Anthony in November when we ran the half marathon in Savannah, but I hadn't seen their kids since last summer.  WAY too long.  We planned to spend Memorial Day together and it was finally here!  They arrived late on Friday night....and my kids were so excited to wake up and see their friends on Saturday morning! :)
 A little Mario Kart to start the morning off :)
 Is she a good friend or what?  Drinking her coffee out of a Northside mug while wearing her Northside shirt!  I love her!!
 We packed up our lunches and headed to the pool to spend most of the day there!  :)  (Beth took some awesome pictures...I'll have to post those separately...)
 While the younger ones were napping, the boys decided to try for a 30 minute straight Just Dance marathon...I don't think they quite made it...but it was very entertaining!!
 They brought their new dog, Princess, with them.  This is where Callie would stay if Princess was up.  Sigh. She would totally freak was a bit annoying.
 Anthony and Princess taking a little nap - she doesn't look very scary does she?  :)
 Addison and Beth having some rest time in the afternoon too...
 some afternoon fun out on the tire swing...

 Callie LOVED Princess if she was on a leash - couldn't get enough of her.  She must have felt more in control that way.  Poor Princess.

 We went for a walk after dinner that wasn't totally the peaceful relaxing walk that Beth and I had envisioned :). More of a "time to hurry home and get these tired kids in bed" walk :)

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