Friday, May 4, 2012

New Friends at the Zoo

 Caleb decided he wanted to eat an egg sandwich like the older kids - and to my surprise, he ate almost the entire thing!  :)
 We headed off to the zoo...excited that it was Friday and Daddy could come with us!  There were a few new friends that we were anxious to see...

 We discovered some cute new photo boards in the botanical garden section...

 And Caleb decided he was brave enough to ride the ponies!!  He has wanted to the last few times we've been, but then got nervous when he was up in line and backed out.  Not today though - he was ready to go!!!

 Callie, of course, is the resident expert and LOVES riding these ponies!

 Looks like he loved it (and is still holding on tight!)

Here's the first of the new friends - baby galapogos turtles were born last fall!!  That's right - babies born to turtles that are believed to be more than 600 years old!!  The zookeepers didn't even know the mom had laid eggs until the babies hatched!!!  They are teeny - which shocked me since they get to be more than 900 pounds!!!
 And the other new friends were some komodo dragons!!!  Also born last fall!  Very exciting!  Not fire breathing though :)

We love our zoo!

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