Monday, May 21, 2012

Picnic with the Silver Saints!

David directed the Silver Saints Singers this semester at church - our senior adult choir.  They had their spring concert a few weeks ago and then invited us to join them for their end of semester cookout at the lake.  The kids and I were able to go with David (and because it was outside, I wasn't worried about the kids staying quiet or still.....things normally to be considered if bringing them to a seniors event :)  ).  

They had an absolute ball.  It was at someone's lake house - about 20 minutes away.  Weather was GORGEOUS.  Kids were so happy to play in the grass and at the water.  Callie LOVED having all these sweet older ladies wanting to talk all about her...she said they were her new best friends and when could we go back!  :)

 Making mud pies at the water...

 Talking to Mrs. Betsy about who knows what....
 They were so sweet to invite us - we absolutely had a ball!  Callie and Caleb would have stayed for another few hours had we not had to leave for me to get home when the boys would be getting home from school!
Jacob and Caleb enjoying a game together after school.  I love when I see my kids enjoying each other...on their this!

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