Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Amazing Grace Race

 The kids all did GREAT - I was so proud of all 50 of them!!!  It has been a great semester - we had a blast on this musical.  The theme was so much fun to get many great lessons involved with running the race that God has set before us....never giving's not about winning or losing - just not quitting....helping your teammates, etc.  LOVED it.  They sang their hearts out.  Did the best they had ever done with the drama scenes.  I always get a little teary directing during the performances seeing it all come together and watching these kids - ages 4 all the way up to 5th grade giving me their absolute best.  I know it must thrill the heart of Jesus to hear them singing Scripture and truths from His sure thrills mine!!!
 I had ordered medals for all the kids in the choir as their "gift" from keeping with the race theme.  They were a HUGE hit!!  Caleb sat with a friend's daughter and watched the performance - she said he was mesmerized!  :)  (That morning when we left church to go home, he laid down at the door of the church and cried....saying he wanted to watch the choir!!  I told him it wasn't time yet - he was going to get to watch that night...he was so excited to see it!)  :)
 Was flat exhausted by the end of it...dancing around doing all that choreography wears a pregnant lady out!! Almost 28 weeks pregnant

Photo by Jacob...hence the blurriness :)

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