Saturday, May 12, 2012

Josiah's Rank Test - PURPLE Belt!

So while David was at the soccer fields with Callie and Jacob, we were at the karate dojo cheering on Josiah during his purple belt rank test!  This moves him into the advanced ranks, and so he was nervous about the test.  We knew he was ready and would do great!

 Cheering him on during the mile run....

I don't have pictures of him doing any of the other PT requirements, kata, combinations, or sparring.  It's always so crowded in there, and I had Caleb in my lap so couldn't get any great pictures. Josiah did an AWESOME job though.  David made it over in time to see the sparring portion of his test and then see him get awarded his belt!!
 Josiah said when he was standing in line here, he was about 95% sure that he had passed his test :)

 The peanut gallery...Jacob, Caleb, Callie, and Max
Max's brother Noah was getting awarded his purple belt too!

 So proud of you Josiah!  You worked really hard for this belt and you earned it!!  Way to go!
Watch out world - two more purple belts are coming at you!
Josiah and Noah

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