Monday, May 14, 2012

Girls' Night Out!

 Can you tell they were worn out from our LONG day yesterday?  :)  Poor babies....
 Callie and I had a big date that night - it was Girls Night Out at Chick-fil-a!!!  She instructed me to get all dressed up...and then when she saw me putting this dress on, she said "Really mom?  That's the fanciest dress you have?"  :)  She cracks me up.  We did our hair and makeup and even put on some glitter lotion. We wore our fanciest high heels - which I haven't worn in YEARS....certainly not while pregnant!!!
 I LOVE this little girl.  
 The restaurant was adorable.  It was all decorated with pink, purple, and silver balloons.  They had special tables marked off for those of us with girls' night reservations.  They had a little "secrets" box that we could make to put notes in for each other at home.  And an adorable little placemat with cute little conversation ideas and questions.
 One of the questions was "If you could be queen for a day, what new rule or law would you make?"  Callie's answer? "That everyone would copy me!!"  She cracks me up!
 They took us on a special tour of the kitchen (know any other fast food restaurant...or any restaurant for that matter...that would take you through their kitchen WHILE in service to see it?  NOPE! They are the best!)  It concluded with one of their new cookies to taste and some cold milk - it was AWESOME!
 They had a makeup artist putting some glitter on the girls' cheeks, and then we had our picture taken by a photographer that was there.  It was very fun!!
Our newly painted toes and high heels!  I wasn't even standing much....but my feet were KILLING me after wearing these shoes!!!  The things I do for my sweet baby girl!

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