Monday, May 28, 2012

One last big fun day!

Monday was our last day with the whole crew here, so we decided to go out with a bang!!  We thought we would go and enjoy several hours at the zoo and then come home for a big lunch before sending the Williams' on their way back home.  We would have kept them forever, but there's that little thing called "work" and "school" that was beckoning... :)

 Not sure how all these kids of ours have gotten so big.  Beth and I met in the nursery halls of ASBC when Harrison was 15 months old and Josiah was 10 months old.  Now look at them!  Crazy.
 Don't let that boot on Jackson's foot fool you.  The week before, he broke part of the bone in his foot during a soccer game.  They gave him a boot to help stabilize it and he moves around just great with it!  Nothing slows him down!  :)
 David had stayed home initially waiting for the AC guy to come (the downstairs started getting really hot on Sunday night...ugh....) and then he met us later at the zoo.  Once he got to the zoo, he took Callie to go on the ropes course that the big boys had already done...she was so excited!  :)  (So we hadn't lost her - that's just why she's not in this picture with the rest of the kids!)

 A little lorikeet feeding time...
 We got home and everyone was exhausted!  We enjoyed some lunch (well, those of us that were awake did....Caleb and Addison didn't make it :)  ) and then Anthony and Princess cozied up with Addison for a bit...they had to be rested enough to drive home!  :)
 You know she was exhausted for her to fall asleep!  After lunch, the grownups were still sitting around the table talking, and Callie crawled up in David's lap and fell right asleep!!  I would say we wore her out!!!

We had an absolute ball and LOVED having the whole family come!  Beth and I sometimes do little trips with just the kids, but it was so fun having the WHOLE families together!!  We stayed up WAY too late into the night talking about life - about church, about jobs, about families, about children.  It is such a gift to have friends that have done life with us the way Beth and Anthony have.  I am thankful that even though it's been 5 years since we both lived in Virginia together, it still feels like we live down the street because of how we have been able to stay in touch!  It is a blessing for sure!

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