Thursday, May 24, 2012

Josiah's Field Day

They changed the schedule this year for field day.  Rather than have all the grades do it on the same day (and have some grades end up in the afternoon when it is SOOO hot), they split it up between two all the grades were doing field day in the morning.  Made for two mornings up at the school, but I was thankful for the cooler temperatures!  :)  Today we got to watch Josiah!

 This was one of my favorite obstacles.  They had a hula hoop, a jump rope, and 3 plastic discs.  They had to figure out how to use those items to get their entire class - all 20 of them - over to the other side.  If anyone fell off or wasn't touching one of the pieces of equipment, they had to start over.  Loved the teamwork!
 Some of the Lexington HS football players came both days to help run the games.  Caleb was obsessed with them - wanted to know where the "football guys" were at all times!

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