Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mellow Mushroom!

We got to take the Williams' to church with us on Sunday morning, which we LOVED.  David ALMOST made Beth sing with us in the contemporary service - but decided not to :).  We sure do miss singing with her!!  She is the BEST!  David keeps telling her if they move here, he won't even make her audition -she's automatically in!  :)

We had lunch waiting for us when we got home and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.  Younger ones napped, the daddies took the big boys to the pool, the mommies enjoyed some relaxing time on the couch looking at blog books and just catching up on life.  Love those couch talks!!  

After going on and on on Facebook about how my new favorite restaurant was Mellow Mushroom, Beth told me that they had never been - even though they have a few locations in Raleigh!  We decided that would be a great place for dinner on Sunday night and so we headed out!

 Here's the boys car...

 And the girls car :)
 Dinner was delicious of course, the kids had a ball, and this crazy painted wall that we sat next to kept the kids pretty entertained playing "I Spy" while we were waiting for our food to come.
Came home and had Nestle Drumstick cones out in the yard for dessert - pretty good day!  :)

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