Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Pool - from Beth's Camera

Beth brought her awesome new camera (well, I guess it's technically not new anymore...she got it for Christmas...but it was the first time I got to see it in real life.  She took AMAZING pictures and so I stole them all so I could have them on my blog!  :)

 Their neighborhood pool hadn't opened yet, so the boys were SO excited to swim!  We are spoiled here in SC with our pools opening up in April!
 Don't you love this look that Jacob is giving Caleb?  Like "if you squirt me little brother, you'd better be ready to run!"

 I bought this bag of Doritos about 3 weeks ago when it was on sale.  They are Jacob's very favorite chips, and every day he would come home from school and say "Please mom?  Today can we open them?" I kept telling him no - that we were saving them for a "vacation" day.  He was SO thrilled when I unpacked our picnic lunch at the pool and he saw that I brought the Doritos!  Apparently Caleb likes them too!

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