Saturday, October 3, 2009

update on PT

potty training is going well. she definitely is getting it. she's even told us a few times when she has to go...

...okay i'm back. she had just declared "it's PEE-PEE time!" that means it's time to go! :) so it's good. it's very successful when we're home. (which means tomorrow when we're at church in the morning, it will all be out the window when she's in a pull-up). that's why i hate pullups! The other upside to potty training is that Caleb has had GREAT naps - because i'm not messing them up by running errands! :)

still, i'll be glad when we're done with this! Oh - one more thing. I was upstairs putting laundry away and jacob was downstairs in the bathroom. He called up to me "I'M DONE", and before I could get downstairs, Callie was on her way down saying 'I'm coming Jacob. I'll wipe your bottom!" So i guess she's enjoying the process! (and don't worry - i didn't let her!) :)


Judy said...

Hysterical that she wanted to wipe his bottom!! So it does sound like she's very on board with potty training if she's even interested in helping her brother!

Courtney said...

yay for potty training, callie!!!