Monday, October 26, 2009

Just another Monday...

This is how these two were sitting watching Curious George before naptime today...seriously. I didn't pose them or anything. They are my cuddly ones!
Caleb was sitting in the kitchen while I was making dinner. He must have been hungry because I kept looking over and he was trying to EAT his Bumbo chair! :)

We ended up having our neighbors over for dinner. They are a sweet family that lives down the court from us, and we were glad to have them over to eat with us! Two of the kids couldn't come (one was sick, one was at a football game), and the dad was off a motorcycle trip, so it was just Sue and 3 of the kids. Here are Jacob, Callie, and Abby enjoying their ice cream cones for dessert!

Josiah and Luke
Sue and Samuel - she said it was his first cone!!! :) He just turned two, and he and Callie have a lot of fun together!

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anthonyandbeth said...

gotta love good neighbors!