Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm having to compete with my boys over CD playtime in the van. I'm supposed to be working on my Christmas music (the choir director is a real slave driver :) ), and yet all the boys want to listen to is THEIR Christmas program (which after 3 weeks is practically all of us!), and their Sparks CD from AWANA. So it's awfully hard for me to say no to either of them. I LOVE hearing Josiah singing at the top of his lungs, and to hear them reciting Scripture and singing the books of the Bible? Well, let's just say I'm going to have to figure out some other time to listen to my music for a while! :) Guess I'll be working on my Christmas music while I run!! :)


J.D. said...

Not sure why I am commenting here but it was quicker than looking up your email address.

Got Caleb's announcement in the mail ~ very cute! So happy he is doing great & why wouldn't he with such a great mommy.

Love to you all, Sandi (for everybody)

J.D. said...

Apparently my husband was logged onto my computer (mine, mine, mine such a great word) hence the J.D. said...