Sunday, October 25, 2009

My 2 Favorite Superheroes!

On Sunday afternoon, our neighborhood had a little harvest party down at the clubhouse. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to dress up, play some games, and get some candy. I enjoyed the time with just my two big boys! (David stayed home with the napping Callie and Caleb).

The did a little parade around the neighborhood...

... and played a few games about a hundred times! My kids LOVE these simple little games! They don't EVER tire of them. This was pumpkin bowling (I couldn't believe the pumpkins never busted!)

And then I came home and tried to take a picture of Caleb in this adorable onesie we were given before he outgrows it. I put him on the floor and this is what he did - kept arching his back like he was trying to roll over! What in the world!

Can you see how hard he's trying? hilarious.

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anthonyandbeth said...

the superheros are just as cute as ever. sounds like your neighborhood has it together...planning fun stuff! Caleb is looking SO BIG! i haven't seen him in forever. :(