Wednesday, October 14, 2009


WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead!!! But my dad is a Marine, and I know he'll love seeing ALL of these, so indulge me! :)

On Saturday after football, we went to the air show! It was about 45 minutes away at an air base, and we were so excited to hear about it! We used to go to the BIG air show in VA every year, and were thrilled to find one here. We are very pro-military, and I love surrounding my kids with it. They LOVE seeing soldiers and telling them thank you, and talking about how thankful we are for them and that they are protecting our family.

We ended up taking Kayla with us - one of our friends from church. She is 4, and has grown fond of Jacob (wedding plans are being discussed by her somewhat frequently!) She is sweet as pie, and cute as a button. We were thrilled to have her along!! :) What's one more, right? Callie loved having another girl too, I think!

a FULL van! Just how I like it!

Inside a Blackhawk helicopter

Josiah is all about these "realistic" poses these days...cracks me up!

Kayla and Jacob

Can she pose or what?

My little Jacob looks so SMALL in this GIANT plane!!
We sat down for a bit and ate some WAY too expensive food. I had packed a bunch of snacks that we ate after football on the drive up - thinking that would tide us over and save us some money. They ate them ALL too (apples, cheese sticks, granola bars, and they had fruit snacks at football). But an hour after we got there, they all informed me they were ready for lunch. Sigh. It reminds me of my first week of marriage. When I told David we were having baked potatoes for dinner and he said "that's it?" I learned then that I had to serve a MEAT at every meal too! :) I think my kids are the same!

Who let's their 2 year old drink Coke? I do, when it's 90 degrees outside, and we'd already finished our 2 water bottles (32 oz each) that I brought from home, and the sprite was already gone, and it was all we had left. Oh well.

Silly face time!

He wanted to wear my sunglasses...the planes were flying directly in front of the sun, and it was driving him nuts!

They had this tent set up with all kinds of weaponry and artillery inside - you KNOW the kids loved looking at all that!

These bullets are HEAVY!

Girls with guns -watch out!!

Jacob asked me later about if these guns were all real. I told him that they were VERY real - that these are the same things the soldiers use out on the battlefield. He said "oh, so they just took the batteries out today so we could look at them?" hilarious.

And then they started fighting over the gun so it was time to move on....

Here's the happy toothless Josiah!
we went and found some tanks to climb in and out of next...
Notice Kayla is striking a lovely pose...and then there's my kids!
Peeking out from a tank...

I'm telling day this picture may be in the slideshow at a rehearsal dinner! :)

Caleb slept through most of it. He was exhausted from not sleeping really well at football in the morning and then the first part of the air show. I put blankets around his head to try and cover some of the noise, but seriously - he slept right through it!



While they were climbing in and out of tanks, I had to sit down and feed Caleb. This is what I saw coming at me about 15 minutes later! :) (callie's behind David's leg...)

4 of the 5. Callie was throwing a fit at this point. So it was time to go home!! She fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot! We had a great time though!


Courtney said...

so much FUN!!! i love the "oh, they took the batteries out?" :-)

Judy said...

Wow, you got some great pictures! And I love the picture of the "toothless wonder"!!

anthonyandbeth said...

great pictures! air shows are so much fun. kayla is a cutie! everyone is looking so grown up! even caleb!