Friday, October 16, 2009

Tutu's Here!

Hooray - my Mom came down for the weekend and arrived on Friday afternoon. I was SO glad to see her again. The kids and I were going to drive up for the weekend, and then on Tuesday Mom said that her whole weekend was free and she would just drive down. My kids travel so well and I wasn't worried at all about making the trip, but was glad for Mom to get to come down. She got to see the boys play football, and we were able to celebrate Jacob's birthday with her. It's hard having her further away than she used to be, but I'm SO thankful that we're close ENOUGH to still be able to do these weekend visits! :)

Mom came with us to Josiah's football practice on Friday night. It was SO nice having some help with the other 3 kids on the sidelines! :)
This picture says a thousand words. Josiah listening INTENTLY to the coach, Jacob wanting to be RIGHT there with David (he's been VERY affectionate with David lately, wanting to be RIGHT next to him at all times if possible!), and Callie thinking she's part of the team too!

Such a cutie - bundling up in his WINTER clothes! We had a cold front come through and it shocked us all!


Annelise & Ethan said...

Caleb looks so cute in his winter clothes :0)

Judy said...

You've really gotten to see a lot of your mom since you moved! That's so great! I guess you are still the closest daughter! What do you think your mom will do when she retires? Does she plan to live near one of you girls?