Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We finally got to check out the Children's Museum downtown last night. Once a month, they stay open late for "Family Night" and that means it's only $1 per person!! Since the normal admission price is $9.50 a person, we saved $42.50!!! Not bad!! :) We had a blast - it had SO many fun things to do for everyone. I'd love a family membership here...but at the very least, we'll be doing family night next month there too! :)
They had this really cool water "thing" outside where you could redirect the water flow, use hydraenergy, etc. This was jacob's favorite part!
Callie thought these were swings for her! :)

Caleb was a happy dude - just hanging out, looking at his elephant most of the time! :)
See Josiah sitting on Eddie's shoe (before the lady came and told him to get off...). Eddie is 40 feet tall and you can go inside him and see all about the human body! How cool is that?
Here's the grocery store...a place my kids are VERY used to!
Jacob loved being the cashier!

Picking some peaches (I'm hoping to find an apple orchard to go to this weekend..)

The boy could be a farmer I think - he LOVES animals and loved the farm room...

driving the tractor

Here we are in Dalmation Station!
Can't you just hear her saying "CHEESE" in this picture?
Learning how to change a tire in the Auto room...

Trying to figure out the pipes in the construction room...

Is Garbology really a real word?? :)


Judy said...

It looks like lots of fun (way nicer than ours) and it's awesome that you were able to get in so cheap! You're such a great mom, still doing fun stuff with your kids even with a new baby!

anthonyandbeth said...

that looks like SO much fun! will you take us??? :) i guess our next visit needs to be planned around the once a month late night. :)

Jen said...

That looks like a super cool museum. I don't know about Eddy and seeing the inside of the human body - maybe if I wasn't pregnant I could stomach that!