Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob is now officially a hand-full! He's five years old!!! I can't believe it - that sounds so grown up for my little boy to be! He is JUST like David in SO many ways. His love language is definitely physical touch - he is a cuddler, loves to hold your hands, can't keep his hands off of his baby brother, and has to work very hard to keep control of his hands at times!! :) He is very affectionate and loving, and has become very tenderhearted in the last several months. His relationship with Callie is a special one - at times he terrorizes her because he's bigger than her, and then at other times he can be the sweetest little helper for her when he's the biggest one at home with me during the day.

We lucked out this year because Josiah had a teacher workday and didn't have any school today! So he got to be home with Jacob ALL DAY on his birthday - it was so FUN!

Birthday donuts for breakfast of course!
He couldn't WAIT to hold his brother on his birthday!!!

We had planned for a low-key year this year as far as birthday celebrations are concerned. Jacob wanted a few of his friends to come over and eat pizza and cake/ice cream with us, so here's the gang! Just a "few" friends, and the rest of their families of course!
From the top left, going clockwise: Hannah, Josiah, Jacob, James, Michael, Kayla, Raigan, Callie, and Anna (not pictured are Baby Bryant and Baby Ruth)
Aunt Kelli got these batman jammies - complete with a cape!! Jacob's been asking for these for a while and he was SO excited!!! (Kelli got the same thing for Kim's 2 boys when they were this age and they were HUGELY popular! :) )
It cracks me up how CLOSE the kids all sit to each other during the present opening part! Josiah was very helpful reading the cards to Jacob! :)
Kayla got this kitty for Jacob - he was SO excited! He tells me all the time that when he's a grownup and lives in his own house, he's going to have a cat! I am NOT a cat person, but he loves them! :) Kayla knows him well!

I love his silly little grin when he's excited but also a little bit embarrassed! :)

Here's the cake he requested: "A batman cake with a TOY on it". That translates to mean a store-bought cake from one of those books that they often look through while I'm grocery shopping. Since I now have a Publix and their cakes are DELISH, I didn't mind so much. Saved me some time, and I even had a coupon! :)
It was the perfect party (in my opinion). We had 3 families over and their kids that we have developed friendships with. Our kids get along great and have SO much fun just playing together. Food was simple - some cheese/pepperoni pizzas from Little Caesars and two chicken alfredo pizzas that I made. I put out a platter of apples, grapes, and fresh pineapple with some caramel dip. We had cake and ice cream. And the kids just played! We had to drag them back downstairs for the food they were having such a great time! We parents got to hang out and chat - it was wonderful. I'm all about low-key, casual, relaxed. Sometimes there is no need for the big, elaborate stuff - kids just like to play! :)
Anna and Callie
(Anna's birthday is one day after Jacob's!)James

Michael (his birthday is two days after Josiah's in November) - he reminds me alot of Josiah at this age!!!
Hannah - Callie absolutely adores her and follows her around EVERYWHERE!

Raigan - is an awful lot like Jacob! Loves to rub Caleb on the head and then run off and play! :)
Baby Ruth (I just love saying all KNOW it's my favorite candy!) Poor thing was SO badly wanting to get up on the stairs!

Baby Bryant
Jacob and Kayla...I MEAN! How cute are they!

Once everyone left, he had to get his batman jammies on to sleep in of course! It was a fun night for him! :) Happy Birthday sweet boy!


Courtney said...

wow! what a fun party!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!! You have the cutest, best smile ever!! I love seeing your sweet face light up the page everytime I log onto your mommies blog!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!

And, please tell me how Caleb has grown up so much?!

The Stein Family said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!