Thursday, October 8, 2009

can i get an AMEN?

anybody else absolutely LOVE IT when they spend their morning cleaning the house only to have it look like a tornado blew through by the time their husband gets home? i'm just saying.

on a happier, and less WHINY note, the boys start flag football this weekend. They are playing through UPWARD (we played basketball through them in VA and LOVE the program), and David is coaching both teams. A bit of a needed security blanket for the boys, so I'm praying that they ALL enjoy it and it doesn't just wipe David out. Jacob had his first practice tonight and loved it - seriously loved it. can you picture seven 4/5 year olds running around playing flag football? it's a riot!!! josiah's practice is tomorrow night, and then both of their game will be saturday mornings. it's the first time we've ever had both of them play a sport in the same season - we'll see if we all lose our minds!!!

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Courtney said...

flag football!!! fun! pat can't WAIT til joshua plays that!