Friday, October 9, 2009

it's FINALLY out!!!!

Josiah and Jacob were wrestling around on the ground tonight as I was feeding Caleb. We were getting ready to eat and then walk out the door for Josiah's football practice. All of a sudden, I hear it all go south! Josiah comes up crying and holding his mouth and I see blood. I call David over and he takes him into the bathroom. Sure enough, Jacob hit Josiah in the mouth with his knee and knocked his loose tooth just about out! It took one tug from David and it was FINALLY out!! This is the tooth that Josiah fell on as a toddler repeated times, and so it was discolored and dying a slow death. The dentist assured us it was only cosmetic and no permanent damage was done, but we were ready to see it go! It's been loose for the last 4-5 months and now it's FINALLY out!!! This was Josiah's first loose tooth - I didn't loose my first tooth until 5th grade, and all my kids were late getting their teeth so they'll probably be late in falling out too.

I know it's gotta hurt getting it knocked out (Courtney, I kept thinking of Joshua all during this!!!)
Here it is! Gross, huh?

Trying to pull himself together and put on a happy face...but it still was hurting!!!
Once we ate dinner and got in the car, he was all smiles again. He called Tutu to tell her about it and was talking about how he was so excited to show his friends at church and at school! He looks very strange to me without a tooth there!! :) I'll try and take a happier picture tomorrow! :)


Courtney said...

what a big milestone!!!

Judy said...

Umm...he looks a bit pitiful! I think that's how Christian felt when he lost his first tooth (an accident just before he turned two). I can't wait to see a big toothy grin when he's feeling a bit more triumphant about it! At least he has a good story to tell about how his brother pretty much knocked his tooth out :)

the wiedmaiers said...

Sam said, "Congratulations on losing your first tooth. I've already lost four. How is first grade for you? I like first grade".

Meredith said, "Congratulations on losing your tooth. I am learning to read little words and some big words in kindergarten".

Morgan said, "dadadadada... ummmmm... dawldawldawldawl.... nonononono...." all while pointing her finger.

Mrs. Wiedmaier said, "Yea Josiah!"

Mr. Wiedmaier would say something if he were here (he is at a YoungLife retreat with some men from work).