Monday, October 5, 2009


if you are interested in lowering the amount of laundry that you have to do, do NOT potty train!!!

All the extra underwear, clothes, and towels used to clean up accidents on carpet from the weekend are finally clean. Actually, Callie did GREAT today - only 1 accident, and she told me the rest of the day when it was "pee pee time!!" She did inform me tonight that she wanted "no more clapping"! I guess I'd been going a little overboard! :)


Heather J said...

That's hilarious - no more clapping. Reminds me of my boys when I start singing - "Mommy, no more singing". Oh well!! WAy to go Callie!

the wiedmaiers said...

Sister has a "potty dance" that includes saturday night fever like moves... cracks me everytime I see her do it!


Jenn said...

haha - I love the new "no clapping" rule. Too funny!

Courtney said...

that's hysterical!
good job callie! (and mom!)

dandsratz said...

What a HOOT!!!!! I died laughing at the "no more clapipng!" :) Way to go Callie!