Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Day at the Farm

On Saturday morning, we had our first rain cancellation for football. The boys were sad - they were rather looking forward to playing football in the mud like "real" football players. I wasn't sad - I didn't know how I was going to sit with the 3 non-playing kids in the rain and stay dry. David had a funeral he had to do at 11 am, and then we hit the road and headed to the country!! We were invited to go out to a farm with some friends from church (the Life Group that adopted us, provided meals when Caleb was born, etc) and were SO excited!! It was a BEAUTIFUL drive, and the weather could not have been better once we got out of the city! We got out of the car and Josiah said "Wow - look how much room there is to run around!" Perfect - just what we needed! :) We had a great time of running around, being outside, a hayride, seeing baby calves, a delicious dinner, and a bonfire with s'mores! What a day!

See the two little girls in this picture (one of which is Callie)? They were the ONLY girls - in the midst of LITERALLY about 15 little boys. It was hilarious!!!

Chewing on hay on the hayride...trying to look a little bit country! :)

Stacy and Ruth (I can't RESIST calling her BABY RUTH all the's my favorite candy bar...I can't help it!)

Eating dinner...totally delicious. Have I said how glad I am to be back in the south - some serious eating down here! Potato salad that was the best EVER, apple crisp made fresh with apples that had JUST been picked off a tree 5 hours before...I mean!!!

Kevin and Caleb - just hanging out in the barn!

On the hayride again heading to the bonfire!

While the men were working on getting the bonfire started, the boys (here's a FEW of them) were sent off to find some cow chips! Yes, seriously! (It wasn't a MOM that came up with that idea...)

This picture doesn't even do it justice - gorgeous trees and mountains everywhere. It was SO refreshing!

Finally - the fire is GOING! (Thanks to a little help from Mr. Gasoline!)

This was the first time he actually ATE the whole s'more together. In years past, he's only eaten them separately (the marshmallow, then the chocolate, then the graham cracker...strange)


the wiedmaiers said...

That picture of Callie and the one other girl take me back to the days when Meredith was the only girl at the boys parties! Looks like bunches of fun.

anthonyandbeth said...

oh this looks like it was so much fun! i'm SO glad y'all got to go and spend a day out on the farm. :) love the family pic on the hayride!

Andrea said...

Looks like so much fun. I miss South Carolina....going to the pumpkin patch in October wearing SHORTS!