Friday, August 10, 2012

Water Balloons and....Labor????

Convinced Alli and her kids to come back and play with us...although told her I didn't have energy for much!  Suggested they come to play and we could have a water balloon fight - crossing another thing off of our list!  :)  She said SURE!  It worked out great - we sent them outside, turned the hose on, handed over the water balloons, and we sat on the couch and chatted!

 I don't think Caleb was totally sure what to make of the situation...
 Only two kids knew how to tie off balloons, but they didn't want help, so I'm not sure how many actual water balloons were made!  :)  Oh well - they had fun!

 Yep.  Sitting on the couch.  Love it.
 We finally did make our way outside to help tie a few balloons. 
 We didn't last long.  Someone started crying or fighting or something so we headed back inside and let them clean up :)

 Its never as fun to clean up a water balloon fight as it is to make one!
Keatley taught Josiah how to make a house of cards.  She's learned lots of cool tricks since she's been stuck in a hotel with her family for 2 months waiting for their house to be built!  :)

I started work on downloading the pictures from vacation and blogging about that.  I knew that I needed to get them uploaded and my blog up to date before the baby came - or else I would be hopelessly behind.

We enjoyed dinner, and while we sat at the table, David said "Well, I had really hoped this baby would have come today.  It was 8/10/12 after all (he was a math teacher, remember?)!"  We talked a little about how funny labor is - how there's nothing that tells you its coming really.  It just happens!  I said that now the baby really needed to wait until next Tuesday afternoon (which is my due date), because things are too crazy between now and then.  Saturday is never good because it's too close to Sunday morning, Sunday is DEFINITELY off limits, Monday is Class Assignment Day where the kids find out their teachers and we pay all their school fees for the year, Tuesday morning Callie meets her teacher - lots coming up!  We finished at the table saying, "well, maybe next Tuesday then.  It would be fun to have one ON the due date instead of after!".  I sent David and the kids upstairs to start baths and get Caleb in bed.  The older 3 were going to come back down and watch some Olympics.  

I hadn't felt really comfortable during dinner, but I hadn't been feeling really comfortable most days :).  I assumed it was from sitting at my very uncomfortable desk while I was uploading the pictures and blogging that afternoon.  As I was washing the dishes, I realized that I had been having contractions for a good little bit and decided I probably should start watching the clock and timing them.  When David and the kids came back down in jammies after their baths, I realized that my contractions were 10 minutes apart....Oh we go!!!


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Fun! And it is so funny about labor. You just never know :)

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Come on!!!! I need the rest of the story!