Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Photo Shoot and some pool time

 Had to get some pictures of Judah in this adorable little's "newborn" size and I have a feeling it may be the last time he fits in it :)

 Cuddled up with Tutu - it's the best!
 Mom bought us this Hot Air Popcorn Popper this week and the kids have been totally enamored by it.  It's great - we go through a lot of popcorn over here!!!
 After our snack, we headed down to the pool to burn off a little bit of energy.  Mom swam with the big kids and I sat on the pool deck with Judah.
 Napping poolside - sounds pretty good to me!!!
What a HUGE blessing it has been to have my Mom here this week.  It was SO helpful - especially with the first day of school happening so soon after having a baby.  She is the BEST and I am so thankful for her!  We love you Tutu!!!

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