Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Due Date!!

So for the first time, I was NOT still pregnant on my due date!!!!  What a happy feeling that I've never experienced before!!!  Every other time, I had to schedule ANOTHER OB appointment AFTER my due date - that's not fun!!!

 We started the morning off with a bang - it was Callie's appointment to meet her teacher - Mrs. Stewart!  Callie was SO excited, and I was SO excited because Jacob had Mrs. Stewart when he was in kindergarten and we LOVE her!!  Callie remembered the room and Mrs. Stewart from when we would go visit Jacob, so there was some familiarity there.  She was SO excited that morning for David to take her.  She was actually a little disappointed that it was so short and that she didn't come home with any homework!  :)

(See Callie's backpack?  It was packed with her school supplies that she was supposed to take in this morning.  David brought Callie home and still had a full backpack - he said I didn't tell him he was supposed to drop the supplies OFF!).  Oh my...it will be good when I am back to full speed again!
 My two little boys!
 Later in the afternoon, David left to take Callie and Caleb up to the library to return our books and check out some new ones.  Five minutes after they left, I texted him to say that I had just seen on FB that a new frozen yogurt place in town had just opened and was doing free froyo for kids only for the next hour.  That was enough to convince him - he returned the books off at the book drop and he and the kids headed out for a fun mid day treat!  :)  (Jacob and Josiah were really bummed they chose not to go with David to the library when they found this out!)

 Judah is so big and strong - he's been lifting and turning his head since he was in the hospital, so we flipped him over and let him sleep on his tummy - much better.  3 of my other 4 kids were tummy sleepers too...it's so much more cozy!

 Jacob and Josiah decided to have their campout tonight...another thing to cross off the list!!  (Josiah ended up coming inside later that night...said the crickets were too loud for him to sleep!  :) )

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Courtney said...

so funny that she came home with her supplies still in her backpack :-)