Sunday, August 19, 2012

The MOST fun drinks ever!

My mom took the kids to church in the morning and Judah and I stayed home.  I thought about going, but decided it would be wise to stay home with him.  We had the kids' open house/orientation at school that afternoon that we had to go to, so it would have been alot to try and do it all.  My mom is amazing though - she had all 4 of the older kids dressed and eating breakfast by the time Judah and I came down, drove them all to church, got them all to their 4 different classes, and was in the service on time!!!  She's the best!  Judah and I enjoyed the quiet morning together :)

 The only other boy onesie that I saved from was a personal favorite of mine :)

A friend that brought our meal to us on Sunday night was super thoughtful and brought bottled sodas - knowing the kids would think that was an awesome treat!  My kids had NEVER had that before and they thought it was the coolest!!!  :)  What a fun night!!  :)

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Courtney said...

what a blessing to have your mom there! she IS amazing!