Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meeting their new Brother!

By the time Judah got back to my room after his bath and all the tests and measurements in the nursery, it was after 3 am.  I got a little bit of rest in between feeding Judah, but was anxious for morning to come!!  David said to me "you know how during your pregnancy you asked me ALL the time if it was just killing me not to tell everyone what we were having?  And it wasn't killing me - I was fine just knowing.  Well, NOW I'm dying to tell!!!"  It was hard - once he was here, we wanted everyone to know!  But it had been such a fun thing during pregnancy for the kids and we didn't want to ruin it for them.  So once morning came, David drove home to get the kids.  Alli had told them that I had the baby, but that was it!  David picked them up and they drove to the hospital to see us.  He said the whole drive, one of the kids would ask "what did Mom have??" and Josiah would say "NO - don't tell us!  I want it to be a surprise!"  :)

 This was one of two onesies that I saved from when Caleb was born.  I brought it to the hospital (along with a pink option :)  ) and dressed Judah in it for when the kids arrived.  
 I wrapped him back up and we waited for them :)
 I love how David took a picture of them standing underneath a sign where they are breaking all 3 of the rules that are posted!)  :)
 They walked in, said "Hi mom!" and walked straight over to Judah.  He was all wrapped up in the blankets still.   
Callie started talking to him immediately and said something like "ooohh, SHE'S so tiny" while I was unwrapping the blanket.  Then Jacob saw what his onesie said (little brother!) and he said "HEY!  Is he a BOY?"  I said yes, and they were so excited!  Callie said something like "but I thought it was going to be a girl?" and then in the very next breath said "Oh - look at all his hair!  Can I hold him?" 
 I was relieved.  She had hoped for a girl.   I had wondered how she would react.  Part of my thought process in NOT finding out was for her sake.  I felt like if she knew for 4 months that the baby was going to be a BOY, she would be mad and not excited all the way leading up to the birth. This way, she was only thinking of this cute little baby right in front of her and she didn't really care that it wasn't a girl!  So everyone was happy!
 Oh Jacob.  Look at his face.  He LOVES babies and was just dying to hold him!

 (Sidenote: see Caleb's face?  He came home from Raleigh last week with a few little spots on his face.  I assumed it was just a reaction to some different detergent that Beth uses or something.  But it kept getting worse.  Poor'll have to tune in to see what it was!)
 The kids are always excited to see what presents their new sibling brought them.  They remember what Caleb gave them and it's been a fun tradition each time we've had a new baby :)

 Josiah and Jacob both got different spy gadgets.
 Callie got some squinkies :)  Caleb got some Spiderman and Green Goblin guys :)
 It wasn't long before Jacob was dying to hold him again :)
 My breakfast was delivered and suddenly I had a bunch of kids climbing all over me again....I think they ate half of it!
Mom - you have your own TV in your room!  :)


anthonyandbeth said...

Sweet pictures

Judy said...

I love the rule breaker sign!! Hilarious!

I had been worried about how Callie was feeling about having a boy. I'm so glad she's okay. I know she loves him to pieces and it sounds like you handled it very wisely.

Caleb holding Judah is just the sweetest!