Saturday, August 11, 2012

Camila meets Judah

Our Youth Pastor, Mike, and his wife Sarah, announced they were expecting their first baby several weeks before we did.  Our due dates were about 3 weeks apart (I was due Aug. 14 and she was due Sept. 2).  It was very fun going through pregnancy together, although our pregnancies were quite different.  She stayed SUPER tiny (who ever heard of XS maternity clothes?  :) ) and had her nursery put together MONTHS before we did....but I'm sure we were the same way when it was our first child!  She had a few complications with low fluid after falling through her attic (!!) at the beginning of August.  After continuing to monitor her fluid levels, they decided to induce her, and Camila Renee was born on Thursday, August 9 and weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz.  

David had gone to visit Mike and Sarah in the hospital on Friday and talked and laughed about how we just knew they would have their baby first even though we were due first!  I was convinced we would go late as usual and had a feeling she might go early.  They laughed about it in the hospital, and then - lo and behold - we ended up in going to the hospital that very night to have Judah!!!

Mike and Sarah came down to visit me on Saturday afternoon while David was taking our other kids back home.  I got to see precious Camila, and when Mike saw Judah, he said "Man!  He's huge!!!  I mean, he's not abnormally's just that I've been looking at Camila for the last 3 days!"  :)  We got a good laugh out of that!  Mike and Sarah are both not the tallest people in the world, and so I said it makes sense that our baby is twice the size of their baby because David and I are about twice the size of them!  :)  

But when we put Judah and Camila next to each other, it was pretty funny to see these two babies - born just two days apart!!  :)

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