Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School 2012

A certain little girl was at the side of my bed this morning at 5:30 AM - dressed and ready to go!  Can somebody say excited?  It was all she could do to sit patiently while I fed Judah!  She kept asking "can we leave now??"  :)

 We always have donuts on the first day of school (and two sunshine eggs for each of them too...I don't just sugar them up!)
 Jacob wanted to give Judah a little love before he left for school
 She packed and repacked her lunch box...continuing to ask if we could leave yet :)

 I'm sure I'm telling someone to put their shoes on or brush their teeth or put their lunchbox in their backpack or something!  I just have that look on my face!  :)
 The required "front porch" picture
 Josiah - 4th grade
 Jacob - 2nd grade
 Callie - Kindergarten!
 We were able to leave Judah and Caleb at home with my mom while David and I took the older ones to school.  It's always so crazy and crowded on the first day because EVERYONE walks their kids it was nice not to be lugging around an infant seat and a three year old!  :)

 Walking Callie down her hallway first.  I couldn't believe I was sending my little girl...but oh boy was she ready and SO very excited!
 Here we are!

 Giving her a kiss goodbye and telling her to do her best and be a blessing!  I never cry at this stuff, but I got a wee bit choked up sending her in.  Excited for her at this new stage - she is so excited and SO ready and for that, I am SO thankful!  I'm going to miss having her at home by my side though during the days!
 Time to take Jacob!  As we approached his classroom, some kids that were sitting in the hall exclaimed "JACOB!" when they saw him.  He lit up :).  He is quite the socialite :)

 Filing in with his buddies.  While I waited here with Jacob, Josiah was getting a little anxious to get to his class.  David went ahead with him...he did NOT want to be late :).
 His classroom is outside in a portable this year.  They sure do make them nicer than they used to!!
 David said he walked straight in and seemed very anxious to get started :)

 Here's my little guy that gets to stay home with me!!
 Mom and I took the little boys with us to run a few errands while the kids were at school - a few returns, a few things we had to pick up, and a quick stop at Starbucks before we headed home!  :)

 Waiting for the bus!!!
 Here come my babies!!!
They all had a GREAT day and were SO excited!!!  Makes a mom's heart happy!


Judy said...

I am so GLAD they all had a great first day!!! I just love how excited Callie was!

Courtney said...

wow! big DAY!!!