Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caleb's "Birthday Party"

My friend Alli really loves Caleb.  I mean - we all do - he's so darn cute and very sweet - but Alli pretty much thinks he hung the moon!  We were making plans to get together and play and she suggested Chuck E. Cheese - so that Caleb could have a bit of a birthday party :).  I knew the kids would love it and so we met them there.  I don't think Caleb or Callie had ever been there before...but boy did they figure the tokens out fast!  :)

Alli even brought a little cake and cupcakes for Caleb so he could have some candles to blow out!  :)

 He's so cute.  Poor little guy getting jipped on his birthday. His very pregnant mom couldn't even bake him a cake!

 Boy oh boy - what a belly shot.  39 weeks!!

Alli, thanks for making it a special day for Caleb!  What a precious friend you are!!


anthonyandbeth said...

Chuck E Cheese and good friends, sounds like the perfect party :)

Judy said...

He doesn't look like he minds getting jipped on the homemade cake! Looks like he's having a blast!