Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prescott Glen Kids Triathlon

Big morning today!!  The older boys were going to be doing their first triathlon!!!  A couple of months ago, we saw a sign at the pool about a kids' triathlon coming up.  There is a family in the neighborhood that we know whose oldest son was going to be planning a kids' triathlon for his Eagle Scout project!  The boys were so excited about it and signed up immediately.  They took it very seriously and "trained" for it for the last 6 weeks or so.   They both were in separate age categories and had different distances they would have to swim, bike, and run.  The biggest thing for both of them was working up to the swimming part of it (probably the hardest part of training for ANYONE's triathlon!!).  They are great swimmers, but you do have to work on swimming repetitive laps.  They did great though and were ready to go by the time Saturday rolled around!!

 David headed down with the boys to get their "transition area" ready.  I, of course, was running around the house looking for Jacob's goggles that Callie apparently had been playing with and put "somewhere".  (Never did find them...).  That kind of stuff makes me crazy...

 Lining up at our pool
 Josiah was SO excited...and a little bit nervous too, I think :).  The boys had practiced earlier in the week (in the POURING down rain) and both had a time that they were hoping to beat :)
 Jacob was at the other end of the pool with his age group...definitely a little bit nervous :)

 The spectating crew (Judah was in the stroller - sorry, no pic of him!)
 The younger kids started first and they did a staggered start.  Jacob dove right in!  

 Yep...he's excited now!  :)

 Time to transition for the bike ride...

 Josiah's turn for the swim now...

 Jacob finally got off for the bike part... Josiah was finishing his swim.

 Josiah wasn't messing around - he was trying to beat his record!  :)

 And he's off!

 ...then head out for the run!  (notice the big grin still on his face!)

 Josiah finished his bike ride...

 Josiah setting out for his run now!
 The finish line!!!

 Finish strong Josiah - and he did!  Sprinted at the very end...the boy is a bit competitive!
 Josiah went straight for the gatorade..
 Jacob went straight for the blueberry bagel :)

 SO proud of them!  They did awesome and totally loved it!  I hope our neighborhood does it again next summer - it was a huge hit!!  (And totally made David jealous - now he REALLY wants to do a triathlon!)  And yes, they beat their times!  :)  Josiah's time was 14:39 and Jacob's time was 13:11.  They were super pumped!
(they loved this part - writing on their arms and legs with sharpie :)  ).

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