Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready to go home!

David spent the night with me at the hospital on Saturday night and then went straight to church to lead worship in the morning!  :)  He enjoyed getting to brag about Judah and caused quite a stir during the morning announcement time in both services.  He had Mike come up (our Youth Pastor) and announced that they had both had babies born that week.  They put the picture of Camila and Judah up on the screen and said "guess which baby is Mike's and which baby is mine?"  Everyone died laughing.  Then he shared the verse in Genesis where we got Judah's name and everyone loved that too - especially the very last part!  (I couldn't believe he said that from the stage!!) 

Judah and I hung out and enjoyed the morning together.  

 I still just can't believe his hair!!
 David called me on the way back to the hospital - he had gone home to pick up the kids so they could all bring Judah and me back home.  David said "Caleb's face looks even worse - you really are going to have to take him in".  Poor Caleb...stay tuned...
 They got to the hospital and we were ready to go!  (Yes, I know I had just had a baby the day before.  My OB would have kept me one more day, but I was ready to get home.  It just gets so complicated when you have other kids at home.  It's too logistically hard to be in separate places!)

 All buckled up and ready to go home!!!

 Jacob can't keep his hands off of him!!

 This is how I rode down to the front of the hospital - with my "other" two babies in my lap....they were ready for me to come home too...
 First family picture of all 7 of us!  OH my!!!

 Caleb likes getting to keep an eye on Judah...
 We got home and hung the wreath up right away :)

 Alli had helped the kids make this "Welcome Home Judah" banner.  It was hanging in the landing when we walked through the front door!  :)  

 "Quick...get a picture of him in his coming home outfit before I change him out of it!"  :)

 I remember when I took this picture thinking "man he has some big cheeks!!"
 David set up the pack and play downstairs so that I could use it for his naps and to change him on during the day...rather than climb the stairs a million times.  Looks like Judah was comfy!
 We had the cradle set up in our room for Judah at night for the first several days.

 These pictures are so special to me.  My mom bought this cradle for ME when I was a baby.  My younger sister slept in it too.  Mom gave it to me when I was pregnant with Josiah and ALL of my babies have slept in it when they first came home from the hospital.  Precious memories.
Oh, it's so good to be home!!!


Judy said...

Okay..poor Caleb and poor you having to deal with that after just having a baby.

You look just fabulous for just having a baby and your 5th one at that!! I mean really!

I love how tiny newborns look when you put them in their carseat for the first time. The buckles seem huge!

Courtney said...

ahh...there is NOTHING like being at home after all that!

and poor caleb! not fun to have to worry about that while you're in the hospital having a BABY!