Saturday, August 11, 2012


 So precious...

 My sweet neighbor, Angela, and her daughter Abby came by to see Judah!  (They left the boys, Noah and Max, at home :) )

 Then my sweet friend Allison (and her girls Amber and Alyssa) came by to see us!  She couldn't believe that Judah was here!  She said she about died when she heard the news - I had convinced everyone that I'd be late with him just like with all the others!  :)

 Our sweet friends, the McRoberts came by and brought this gorgeous wreath that they made for my door!!!
 Two of the McRoberts girls - Lauren just graduated from my kids' choir (sniff sniff), and Kelly gets to sing with us this fall!  They have a younger sister and their mom is expecting Baby #4!  Hooray!  :)

 Pastor Rocky and his wife Sherrie came by to see Judah too.  They had been out of town doing a funeral for a sweet family from our church, and it meant so much to us that they would stop by and see us.  Their first grandbaby is due after Christmas, so Sherrie was so excited to hold a little baby again!  :)
What a day!!!  Happy BIRTH day Judah!

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anthonyandbeth said...

So fun to hold a NEW baby! Wish I could meet him!