Friday, April 30, 2010

Where did the week go?

Here it is Friday night - I'm not sure what happened to this week! I mean, I lived every moment, and enjoyed (most) of them, but I wasn't on the blogs at all? My little crew kept me very occupied (duh - they always do), but there were a few other things I suppose. So here's our week in a nutshell:

1. Started a crazy new exercise video with a friend, who shall remain nameless because I don't know if she wants to be "outed" or not. But she asked if I would do it with her and I agreed - it's always more fun to have a friend along the ride! We both are runners but felt like we need a kick in the pants - to sort of jumpstart our muscles and bodies again. So we're doing the Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred" DVD. I thought it would be a joke - that it would be easy. Never really been into the whole exercise tape things, but this one is for REAL! Felt like my quads were on FIRE for 3 days. No lie. But we're doing it! So far so good!!

2. Enjoyed our 31 cent ice cream at Baskin Robbins on Wednesday night. The kids were SO excited - Callie told EVERYONE that we walked passed at church (we went after choir practice). They all went in saying they were going to get mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite that I've brainwashed them to like too! :) ). Then Callie noticed someone had pink/purple swirl ice cream so she wanted that. THEN the boys realized that the pink/purple ice cream was cotton candy flavor, so that's what they ALL got. Eww. So when I realized I wasn't going to get to just "taste" their mint ice creams and just enjoy my no sugar added variety, I had to abort and go with the full fat yummy mint chocolate chip for me. oh well - it cost me $1.32 for all of us to get ice cream cones -can't beat that!

3. Finished up my freezer cooking. Back in the day, (before Beth abandoned me and moved to Raleigh), we'd do all this in a day. This time around I had to sort of space it over the span of a week. But it's done now, and these are the meals in my freezer:
* French Onion Pot Roast
* Mushroom Gravy Pot Roast
* Sweet & Sour Chicken (2 batches)
* Chicken Enchiladas
* Italian Chicken Rollups (2 batches)
* Chicken Burritos (2 batches)
* Shoyu Chicken (2 batches)
* Smothered Chicken
* Catalina Chicken
* Angel Chicken Pasta
* Grandma's Pork Chops
* Glazed Pork Chops
* Zesty Onion Meatloaf
* Lasagna
* Stuffed Shells
* Chili
* Hamburger Stroganoff
* Taco Filling
* Salisbury Steak
* Santa Fe Stew
* Poppyseed Chicken (2 batches)

I also made Beef Enchiladas and Chicken Divan, but we already ate that this week. The big difference in my cooking this time was that I couldn't "halve" any of the recipes anymore - I guess now that we're a family of 6, that's just how it is! :) After typing up all those meals, I guess it makes a little more sense why I haven't been on the computer - I was cooking during any spare minute!

4. REALLY enjoying the music for our worship concert that's coming up in a few weeks. You know it's SERIOUSLY good when you listen to it while running (I don't even skip the "slow" songs) with your arms raised in the air in the midst of your 4 miles - I couldn't help myself!!!

5. Another great week of piano - they called Mom tonight after their lessons to play a song for her. There were several days when I found them in the front room playing different songs. One time they were both on the bench with their books trying to play "Old MacDonald" -they've both got it in their books, but it's not the same...they didn't care - they thought they were cool for playing a "duet"! :) I'm amazed at how well they are doing and how much they are picking up already - after only a few weeks. It's definitely time consuming for me, but SO well worth it.

6. I'm on "snack duty" for soccer tomorrow. Jacob is so excited because I got him chocolate milk boxes for his team. He doesn't like juice. At all. Never has. Only drinks milk and water. No matter where we are. Poor kid. So he always gives the juice box that every OTHER kid brings for snacks at soccer to Callie. And he just drinks his water bottle. Which is fine, but I wanted to get him something fun since it's his turn. He's super excited about his chocolate milk tomorrow! :)

7. Our pool opens tomorrow!!! Guess what we'll be doing after soccer games? :)

8. So that's about it. A great week. We're all good. Really good. I'm preparing myself for next week. David's going to be gone at a conference until Thursday, so that's not going to be fun. And it's Teacher Appreciation Week, so I'm still trying to formulate my plan for that. But we're all good. Have MUCH to be thankful for. And I AM thankful!! :)


Heather said...

hmmm....the video would be MY fault b/c i'm the one who got her to start it:). yall got me runnin' and i got yall shreddin':)

Courtney said...

wow! that's a crazy week! were you the one that told me about that 30 day shred? or was it someone else?? maybe i need to check it out!

the wiedmaiers said...

good grief what a week. is that our chicken roll up recipe? the one with the ham/cheese inside and the rolled with breadcrumbs? we have actually started butterflying the chicken, stuffing it and not rolling it up... makes for a slightly quickler cook time. plus it does not take as long on cooking day. i have some lesson questions for your mom, can you send me her email?

anthonyandbeth said...

you have been BUSY! :) and i never abandoned you...remember, you can never get rid of a stalker. :) those were good times, i miss cooking with you. it's one of my favorite things, being in the kitchen with you!

you can out me...we're in this together, right! :) things were getting better but day 6 was tough tonight. i think i was tired though.

yes...that music is the BEST! LOVE it. LOVE singing it!

and you are most def. the coolest mom for getting chocolate milk boxes.

looking forward to hours at the pool with y'all in June! :)

Tiffany said...

I'd say a very busy week indeed. I am going to ask though after seeing those freezer meals for some of the recipes to be sent my way of you don't mind???? I am in desperate need of freezer meals before this baby comes and they all sound delicous.....making me hungry as I type this just thinking about it...