Monday, April 19, 2010

SO much to be thankful for.

I had to go in and look at them all last night. After my cryfest on the computer you know.
Caleb Isaac. He really is such a happy, contented baby. People ask me all the time - "is he really this happy all the time?" Yes. He sleeps great. He eats well. He's so cute in this exploratory, crawling stage. Everything makes him SO happy. I love nursing him because he just looks at me and plays with my hair. Like he has no where better to be in the world. I love him.
Callie Elizabeth. All of 3 years old. And yet she is quite a little lady these days. She mimics everything I do. She completely adores her daddy. She tries to keep up with the big boys, and can in a lot of ways. On Sunday nights when the big boys are at choir, I get a few hours with just her and Caleb. We usually are running an errand or two, but she always is SO much fun to shop with! Last night we went to Home Depot to get some herbs to grow (!!!) and when I told her when were going shopping, she said, in her squeally voice, "OH, that will be pun!!!" (because her fs come out like ps now a days.) I don't know what I'd do without her! I love this sweet little girl.

Jacob Aaron. This one cracks me up. He is everywere, all the time. But he is soooo tender and loving. With his little brother. With his sister some of time, he can be so very helpful and "big brother-y". He's getting ready to start school in the fall, and I can hardly believe it that the time has almost already come. He is VERY observant, and also very black and white. He notices things that Josiah doesn't always notice - he's very clued in. He loves to be held, loves to hold, loves to give hugs, love to roll around on the floor and be tickled - he's definitely our physical one. Boy do I love him.
Josiah David. He's growing up very quickly. This has been an amazing year of growth for him. We had so much change, and I was nervous about how he'd handle it. But he has done amazingly well, and we have seen his confidence skyrocket. He is so very smart, but has also really grown in his confidence in himself and his ability to do things himself. Just this past weekend the children's choirs had a special rehearsal and sleepover for the 1st-5th grade choirs. I wasn't sure if he would want to go (especially since Jacob wouldn't be there), but he INSISTED on being there. And he had a GREAT time - totally loved it! He really does have a desire to please us, and also is really developing a love of Scripture and God's Word. David has been having him read the Scripture passage in their devotions each night and he loves it. Thrives on attention that quality time brings. I love this boy.


the wiedmaiers said...

i wish we didn't have to love your children from afar! on a lighter note... the googly eye story... this happened shortly after you guys left last summer. mckinley wanted to know what she would look like with a third eye so she HOT GLUED one to her forehead... HOT GLUE! when she pulled it off it left a scar for several weeks... whenever we were at the lake i could not even look at her without giggling since the scab was still there. i guess after that a little glitter glue on the lips seems quite tame.

anthonyandbeth said...

they are precious Katy. you are so very blessed and i love your sweet children so very much!

Vonda said...

Oh Katy, they are so sweet and I know it must just fill your heart right up to have them call you Mommy! I can't believe how big they are getting!