Friday, April 2, 2010

An Ice Cream Date with Daddy

Since we were doing Callie's birthday cake at her party on Saturday, I had planned for us to all go for ice cream at Coldstone that night (gotta love the free ice cream on your birthday coupons!). Unfortunately, the boys were a MESS that night and lost their freedom to go. Sad, I know. (And that meant I missed out too! :( ) So I sent Callie with David for her ice cream date with David - they had a great time!
So many choices!!! She had said she was going to get mint ice cream with chocolate chips....
...but ended up getting cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles (which is what the boys always get....interesting that she picked that....I wonder if she missed them?)

David and his honeybunny
(He started calling her that several months ago, and NO ONE else is allowed to call her that. Seriously. I called her that one time and she adamantly told me "NO! Daddy is my honeybunny! NOT you!!" They have a very precious relationship.


anthonyandbeth said...

bummer that the boys had to miss out but maybe it was fun for her to have some special time with daddy. :) love the honeybunny...that is just the cutest ever!

the wiedmaiers said...

great daddy daughter time together, now for the real question... did he bring you any home?