Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Uh oh...I hear little feet

After the kids were in bed, Mom and I went downstairs to the basement and were watching American Idol and talking through piano lesson books. I've been wanting to start the boys with piano lessons for a while, but needed to talk through the books with my Mom. She is a FABULOUS piano player, and has been teaching for 40 years. I just wish they could take lessons from her - but I'll have to do for now! :) So as we were talking through the books, I all of a sudden heard little feet from upstairs (it was about 9:00 by this point!) I went upstairs and found Callie totally naked and holding another outfit. I headed back upstairs with her and wondered if she just wanted to try another new outfit on, or if she had an accident somewhere. I started looking around for her pajamas to determine this but couldn't find them. I put her clothes back on and then went into the bathroom, and THIS is what I found:

She had gotten my makeup bags down and was just having a hayday!!! There was foundation all over the floor, my mascaras and eye liners were all open - it was a mess!! She knew she was in trouble as soon as I saw the mess, so after I got her in bed, I set to cleaning it up. What a girl. She watches me like a hawk in the mornings - watches exactly what I'm doing as I get ready. The boys never did this. She watches me so much that I have to be very careful in telling her what things are dangerous - I'm so afraid she's going to get ahold of my contact solution or something and try to put it in her eyes! We've been very careful to make sure to keep things a little more out of reach since this!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

oh boy! but how you could blame her, she wants to be pretty just like mommy! :) i'm sure i'm not far behind you on this one!

Courtney said...

yikes! she's so smart!