Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just can't wait!

After dinner in our tent on Thursday night, the rain finally stopped and we just had to get out and explore...even though it was already late! The kids had been so patient in the car and while we were setting up the tent in the rain, that we had to at LEAST check things out a bit!!
We went up to the beginning of the 2 mile trail we were going to hike the next day and just saw the very beginning of it. It followed along a stream and some little falls and was just beautiful!

David was telling the kids some science information...and they were very interested actually! :)

Can you see the tree in the middle? It's shaped like a "J"! :) The roots come out and go sideways and then it grew straight up. My boys loved it.

Would have been happy to go straight to bed, but the kids were insistent on smores that night! Of course - after all, why else would you go camping? :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

of course they wanted s'mores! i love the picture of David in teacher mode. what a fun time for you family!