Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new trick courtesy of our pastor

Remember this picture of our pastor Rocky holding Caleb when he was born? I have so appreciated the way that he always has been with our kids. Talks right to them, very engaging and loving with them. (I remember one weekend when we were here interviewing he SOMEHOW ended up sitting next to Callie at lunch on Sunday afternoon - and her 2 year old ways after a long day past nap time. It didn't phase him at all - and I thought wow! He is a REAL guy!!
On Saturday, I had to hold Caleb during part of our special choir rehearsal. We were practicing for our worship concert in May and Caleb had to stay with me for part of it. Rocky had come in early to wait for his wife Sherrie who is singing in the choir with us. He saw I was holding Caleb and came up and got him from me. He then spent the next 15 minutes walking around with him, playing with him, and even feeding him his snacks! When he gave him back to me after rehearsal was over, he told me that Caleb learned how to get his OWN snacks (from his snack trap)!! He taught him a new trick! :) So thankful to have a pastor that is willing to love on my kids a bit!! :)

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