Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Callie at 3 years old

I can't remember if I posted about Callie's 3 year check up last week - I'm thinking I didn't. I initially forgot about her appointment (OOPS) and had to call and apologize (so embarrassing). I knew about it the day before and then totally forgot the day of until 45 minutes after my time was supposed to be. I was able to get in the next day and it worked out. She did great and was excited about her turn to pee in a cup (she goes to all the doctors visits and the boys have gotten to do this several times now, so she was excited for her turn!). This is probably TMI, but it cracks me up. After she was done, she turns to me and says, in her very serious voice and with her finger pointed at me, "This is for the test. This is not for drinking." Of course, that is as a result of her asking at some other visit that the boys had "Why is the doctor thirsty??" Ewww. Had to explain that this was a different kind of cup!!

Anyways, her appointment went great and all is well with her. She is 36 inches (3 feet tall) and weights a whopping 27 pounds. She weighed 24 pounds at 2 years old!!! The doctor said "i'm guessing that she's always been on the petite side?" Yep. So 25% percentile for both, but she's doing just great!!

This video is of her latest and greatest hobby - reading books outloud. She has always loved books but has started reading them to herself - making up stories as she goes along. It is absolutely hilarious to me!


the wiedmaiers said...

i TOTALLY misunderstood your reply the other day... i thought you were saying that callie was 27 pounds at her 2 year check up. so you mean to tell me that morgan is heavier than callie and they are a year apart. that is why i have the back pain that i have... 42 is TOO OLD to be lugging 30 pounds of baby around!

much harder to have a girl pee in a cup isn't it?!?

i will have to double check her height... i might be passing down clothes TO YOU! morgan wore a 4t dress to church the other day... good grief!

anthonyandbeth said...

she is a cutie!!! Addison got weighed at Jackson's check up and she is 26lbs. :)

The Stein Family said...

CUTE! I love how she says "gowiwas" -- Jonathan still has trouble with his L's too!