Friday, April 16, 2010

Back on top!

Okay, so I'm FINALLY done uploading all the pictures from our vacations last week. It really was a GREAT spring break for us - very full, but very fun and lots of memories were made. This week has been good to settle back into the routine. I spent the first few days just WASHING everything - the thing about camping is that EVERYTHING has to get washed when you come home because it all smells like campfire! Luckily the weather has been beautiful this week so I was able to air out things outside which helped.

We also started our new routine with piano practices added in. Josiah is pretty self-sufficient with his practicing now, but Jacob still needs alot of help to walk him through what he's working on. Josiah was particularly excited about all of it - he's so black and white! Most days, he did his practicing BEFORE he left for school! We're enjoying it though - they are both loving the sense of accomplishment they are getting from it!

Now to catch up on reading all of YOUR blogs! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

nice to catch up with you my friend. love the end of vacation laundry detail. i know i have said this before but i vaguely remember doing laundry once a week not that many years ago. this encompasses ALL recent blogs (although I have commented on a few individually). it was great seeing all of the fun pictures from spring break. good laugh over the bride/hooker thing. will post back if i think of anything else. oh, morgan had her two year well check today and i finally know why my back hurts all the time since she is 30 lbs. only about 12 lighter than meredith. sam made a funny reference about josiah the other day but i don't recall what he said at the moment... hope i will remember to ask him.


Laurel Conrod said...

I enjoyed your camping pictures. I'm trying to imagine you all AND a pack-n-play in a tent! It's so nice to shower and do wash after camping, isn't it?