Monday, April 5, 2010

A Sweet Day With Friends

After the Easter Sunday services at church (which were AMAZING by the way), we headed down the road to another baptist church for lunch. They have a whole conference center and banquet facility and serve lunch every afternoon. On Sundays they have a whole brunch buffet that you can buy tickets for - it is incredible! We had gone last year when we were candidating, and I thought it was the perfect choice for us to be able to eat lunch with David before hitting the road. I didn't want to eat at McDonalds for Easter, but we didn't have time to go home for a whole big lunch either. We had a great time - and I think it was the first time my kids had ever been to a buffet - let's just say they were big fans! :)

We got on the road after lunch (and changed clothes, potty break, fed the baby, nothing's ever THAT quick!) and had a good trip. We hit some traffic but made it just fine to Mom's house later that night.

On Monday, my Mom teaches piano lessons ALL day (it's her one day off from church). I told her to keep her lesson schedule in tact (her students are preparing for recital!!) and we would try to take the opportunity to get together with some of our friends!
I met Courtney and 3 of her kids at this great playground in the morning time. They had their spring break the week before, so we only had a few hours in the morning before her son Joshua had to get home for kindergarten (he's in afternoon kindergarten). The kids had a great time, and I loved getting to catch up with Courtney - even if it was quick! I'll take any time I can get - it always feels like we've picked up right where we left off...and I am SO thankful for this friendship!
Here's 7 of our 8!!
Jacob, Joshua, Sawyer, Bailey, Callie, Josiah, and Caleb
(Sweet Rebekah was in school)

We headed back home for lunch and naptime at Mom's house. After the kids woke up, we headed out for our 2nd playdate of the day! :) We got to meet with Jenny and her two kids at a playground in a mall! (You know that's a good friend to take her kids out in the late afternoon, mess up dinner time, and brave through traffic just to get to see you!!)

We played for a while at the playarea and then headed over the food court to get the kids fed.

Addie just turned 1 at the end of March - isn't she a doll baby? The last time I saw her she was just DAYS old so I LOVED getting to see her again! She is so beautiful!

Our crazy gang!
Callie, Josiah, Caleb, Jacob, Addie (1), and Jackson (almost 3)

Jenny's going to shoot me for putting this picture in, but it was the only one I had of her...and of course look how our kids are right on top of us! She looks great - I look frumpy, but oh well!
We had a great day with two special friends and their kids. I am thankful for these girls and for the friendships that we have had since high school. How fun it is to be able to get together with our kids (!!) now and continue to walk through life together! And I'm thankful for blogs - so it doesn't FEEL like it's been a year since I had seen either one - because I pop over to their house on the blog all the time! :) Love you girls!


anthonyandbeth said...

SO glad you got to see your sweet friends!!!

Courtney said...

it was SO great to see you! love you!!!