Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Blog Books are Here!!!

We got back from camping at 8 am on Saturday morning. We had to be back in time for the boys' soccer games, so we left the campsite at 5:30 AM (yes, that means we were up at 4:30 am to pack up - we put the kids in the van and then packed up the campsite and tent). The kids slept on the way home and I was THRILLED that we didn't have to go straight to the field. We got home, David took a shower, I fed the boys breakfast, and then they left for their games. I was able to stay home with Callie and Caleb (give them nice LONG baths) and start unpacking the car. After the boys got home, they had lunch, showers, and then everyone settled in for a nap. Once everyone was situated, I headed downstairs to clean up after lunch and then planned to take a nap myself. I went out to get the mail and saw two large boxes on the steps - it was my blog books! All intentions of taking a nap went out the window - I was SO excited!!

I sat down and read my 2007 blog book completely through - it was so fun to relieve all those memories and see the pictures of the kids - they were SOO little! I haven't made it through the other years yet, but I'm SO excited!

David & Callie looking at the 2007 book (Callie LOVED seeing all the pictures of her as a baby!)

The cover of the 2008 book - the picture is from our 10 year anniversary trip (sans kids!) to Key West!! Oh we were so tan and rested skinny....sigh....

2009 was such a HUGE year that I had to break it into two volumes! :)


The Schaper Scene said...

Sounds like you all had a great Spring Break! What company did you go through for your blog books? I know I am running so far behind on my blog, but I refuse to go out of order so that I don't mess up my blog book. I have been blogging since 2006 so I have a lot of books to start working on! Yours look great!

anthonyandbeth said...

every time i pop on the computer you have more stuff up. :) can't wait to have a blog book party with you. they are just beautiful. i love mine! and i'm SO glad Vonda told us about this place. such a relief to know it won't take me months to create one! can't wait to get my 2009 caught up and ordered. :)

Laurel Conrod said...

I did one before we returned to Cameroon and it turned out amazing! I've got to do another one of our last year in the States. Wow, Katy, you are ambitious...putting ALL your posts in a book must take alot of time. Keep up the blogging, I really enjoy seeing your beautiful family.