Friday, April 9, 2010

Hiking in our Jammies!

Well, we survived it, but it was a VERY cold night! It got down into the 40s, and after we got home we found out that all that heavy rain was from a tornado in the area! We were fine though - just tried to stay very bundled up and as warm as possible. The kids went to sleep well in their sleeping bags and everyone slept all night long. It took me a long time to fall asleep - I had forgotten to pack my pajama pants, so I was in shorts & a sweatshirt was soaking wet, remember? Caleb slept fine in his pack & play - he was layered in a every pair of jammies that I brought him and was just fine. I was happy when morning came and we could get moving and warm up!!!

Not a bad way to wake up - all 4 of your sweet kids piled on top of you - plus it warmed me up! :)

After having breakfast (scrambled eggs & ham and cheese in it, and bagels w/cream cheese), we headed out for our first hike. It was a 2 mile loop and was just beautiful! It was early and still cool, so we left the kids in their pajamas - it was the warmest thing they had to wear since their dumb mom didn't pack very well!

Here's the "proof that I was there" picture!!!
Just hanging out!

Caleb took his morning nap on David's back! :)

Callie thought she could give the backpack a didn't last long! :)
Oh, and Jacob caught a butterfly on his finger! (I was about to crop Callie out of this one, but noticed her finger in her nose and it cracked me up! Talk about real life pictures!)

This is part of the best thing about camping - the kids just play happily...with anything and everything outside....for hours!!! :)

Are they awake? Asleep? Hmmm...Comfy at least!


Sheila said...

Awesome pics - looks like a great time! And something for the WHOLE family!

anthonyandbeth said...

the hiking would have been my favorite part. you didn't tell us the names of the falls though. :)