Friday, July 10, 2009


We were able to welcome our first "non-family" visitors to our home on Thursday night. Mandy drove down with her kids, Jake and Sadie, on Thursday night and they stayed until Saturday morning when they had to head up to Raleigh for a family reunion.

Jake and Josiah's birthdays are a week apart and have always been in Sunday School together. This past year they were in the same kindergarten class at Shores and had a great year together. Sadie is a little more than a year older than Callie, so Callie LOVES to follow her around. Sadie has blessed us with her hand-me-downs for the last few years and we have been VERY thankful!! I loved getting to spend some time with Mandy as well - I miss seeing her at biblestudy and in the carpool line already!! :)

We loved having them here - You're welcome to come back anytime! :)

We found Sadie and Callie in the living room/sitting room/piano room (not sure yet what I'm going to call it) reading some of David's counseling books...

Playing Hungry Hippos together

The boys were VERY busy working on some art projects this weekend - coloring some pictures and then cutting them out to make puppets out of them.

Callie and Sadie with their babies in strollers...

The boys finally finished their creations and put on a puppet show for me :)
Here's everyone! L-R Sadie, Callie, Jacob, Jake, and Josiah

The big 1st graders now!

Our little blondies (notice Callie is wearing someone ELSE's flip flops....a very common occurrence)

Mandy and I (don't we look so nice and color-coordinated?)


Mandy said...

We had SO much fun! Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality!! The kids had a blast, and it was fun visiting with you and seeing the room transformations in progress. I especially enjoyed getting to see just how active baby Caleb actually is! Girl, I don't know about August...he seems pretty ready to make a getaway! ;) lol!

anthonyandbeth said...

i'm glad they could come and visit! it's always fun to spend time with friends! it's also neat to see Callie with a "friend". so cute!